Student Support

Financial Support



A merit-based scholarship of up to JPY 120,000 per month for the six-month period of the Preparatory Course and four-year period of the undergraduate course will be provided as a monthly allowance. Successful applicants in the screening of Kyoto iUP preparatory course will receive the offer of scholarship simultaneously with the notification of final screening result. Applicants do not have to apply for the scholarship separately.

Fees and Applicable waivers

The following table lists the tuition and other fees. Full or partial admission and tuition fee waivers for four-and-half years are available for Kyoto iUP students.

Application Fee Admission Fee Tuition Fee
Preparatory Course JPY 9,800 JPY 28,200
Full waiver is applied
JPY 296,000 (6months)
Full waiver is applied
Undergraduate Course JPY 17,000 JPY 282,000
Full waiver is applied
JPY 535,800 (Annual)
Full and partial waivers is applied

Cost of living in Kyoto

Living expenses will vary depending on each student's individual lifestyle. Please see the following link for your reference.

Life and living expenses in Kyoto