Life and living expenses

31 Kyoto iUP students (9: living in the dorm, 22: living in the private apartment) answered questionnaires regarding their life and living expenses in Kyoto. The results of the questionnaire survey are shown in the following. (updated on Nov. 2022)

The cost of living

Rough breakdowns of Kyoto iUP student's living expenses (Monthly average)

Meals 食費

Rent (Incl. maintenance fee) 家賃(共益費含む)

Electricity costs 電気代

Gas, Water costs ガス・水道代

Mobile phone fees 携帯電話代

Internet access fees インターネット接続料金

Cost of study(Ex. Textbook fees)  学習にかかるお金(教科書代など)

Others (Entertainment, Social expenses, Clothing costs, etc) その他(趣味・交際費・被服費など)

Food & Lifestyle

Q. What do you think about supermarket and convenience stores in Japan


Convenience stores have almost everything, so when in hurry or when it's too late, I always went to the convenience stores. Supermarkets have a fresh, good-quality ingredients, which of course depending on the supermarket, are somewhat expensive. Overall, i'm pretty satisfied with the quality.

  • Some places are pricier than others, so going to the right places for certain things is necessary. But on the other hand, saying that they are very convenient is an understatement! I think paying all kinds of bills and buying food and other needs in the same place allows for really nice efficiency.
  • They are quite convenient and sell almost all of the stuff that you need.
  • a lot of options, seasonal foods are fun to eat.

Q. What do you think about university's cafeterias?


University cafeteria is very organized, have a lot of varieties in the food, and overall a good place to go with friends.


It's relatively cheaper than restaurants, and you can get an actual balance of vegetables and meat! However, they sell a lot of fried food, and the options of the vegetables are the same every week.

  • Nutritious, delicious, cost-efficient, which leads to too many people.
  • Life saver, healthy and tasty food at same cost with cooking by myself.
  • I like the food there, they sell good food at an affordable price.

Q. What do you think about restaurants in Japan?


There are a lot of good fish restaurants in any form like sushi, fried, boiled, steamed, etc. Recently, I went to a Chinese restaurant and Indonesian restaurant as well and there are a lot of varieties.


They are way pricier, but at the same time the portion is much bigger, so it is worth it if you like eating a lot. I don't think they sell vegetables enough though, both for quantity and variety. But the food tastes amazing, and at some places the staff is really friendly that it feels like you really want to become a regular and just go there everyday if you could...!

  • Hi-lite, large portion food at a considerable price.
  • Most restaurants are good but it can be quite expensive.
  • I enjoy food from different countries.

Do you cook yourself 自炊はしますか?

After School

Q. How do you usually spend your weekend?


I spend a lot of time on my hobbies, and go out when there are events--there's been a lot lately, like Jidai Matsuri, or a circle event to an aquarium, etc.--or casually hang out with my friends, both in dorm or out! I also spend a big chunk of time doing assignments.

  • Catching up with studies, karaoke or sentou/onsen with friends, working on my hobbies (coding, making games, art, cycling)
  • Playing tennis, taking a rest, finishing my homework or preparing for exams
  • Club activities, studying, watching videos, socializing, homework, games, language practice

Q.Where is your favorite place in Kyoto?


I like to bike a lot, and my favorite places are among: along Reisen-dori by the river all the way to Heian Jingu, Tetsugaku no Michi, and of course the Kamogawa! These places give off such a Kyoto atmosphere to me, with the streams and the trees and just the Kyoto-like houses and buildings. I also only went to Daimonji recently, but I think I'll come regularly because of the beautiful view, the trees, and the quiet atmosphere that is so different to the city there!


I really love the streets between Yasaka shrine and Kiyomzu-dera temple. I usually visit late at night on bike to take a break from studying.

  • Along Kamogawa river and delta, it's a nice place to take a walk or for a picnic and you can see the river.
  • Kawaramachi/Sanjo, they have a lot of entertainment and restaurants, plus it's easy to access because we can use bicycle, bus, or even train together.