Student Support

Study & Life Support


study_and_life_support_01.jpgKyoto iUP mentor system

Kyoto iUP students are given total care in terms of study from the "iUP mentor teacher", who are faculty members whose area of research is near to the student.

The Kyoto iUP mentor system provides iUP students with;
・Regular (at least once a month) meeting-opportunity to talk about their study progress, concerns and questions
・Consultation sessions which are held before the new semester begins, where students can consult with mentors on their timetables for the upcoming semester ...and more

study_and_life_support_02.jpgTutor system

Kyoto iUP students can receive continuous support from tutors, who are students in upper year, from the beginning of the Preparatory Course to the end of second year of the undergraduate course. Their activities include a wide variety of areas, including support for Japanese language study or for their specialized fields, as well as support for daily-life such as administrative procedures at the ward office or contracts of phone-career, etc. They help Kyoto iUP students get used to their university life smoothly.

study_and_life_support_021.jpgTypical activities:
・All Kyoto iUP students and tutors meet up once a week as an "Office Hour," having fun with games related to Japanese or Japan, or free-talking about tips on student life.
・Kyoto iUP students and tutors read Japanese books which they select together and tutors help iUP students build up their vocabulary.

study_and_life_support_031.jpgSupervising teachers in the faculty

After Kyoto iUP students enter the faculty, they can receive support from the supervising/advising teachers in each faculty, as well as Kyoto iUP mentor teachers and tutors.

study_and_life_support_08.jpgAdvising services

The Kyoto iUP teachers and staff are always open for the consultation on troubles or problems which students are facing. When needed, we connect students with specialized sections in the university, such as the International Student Counseling Office, where international students can receive advice from the clinical psychologists and medical doctors.

For details of the International Students Advising Room, click here.

study_and_life_support_04.jpgCareer support

For careers in Japan, the Career Support Office of Kyoto University gives students important know-hows and advice. In addition, the Kyoto iUP Office gives thorough support in cooperation with each faculty when students try to find internship opportunities or seeking employment.

For details of the Career Support Office, click here.