Living in Kyoto

Living in Kyoto

Okazaki Park

Okazaki park is in Higashiyama Ward, close to Kyoto University. It takes about 15 minutes from Kyoto University to get there by bicycle. It has a calm atmosphere and plenty of open space, and it is surrounded by many cultural places such as Heian Jin...

Living in Kyoto

TADASU forest

Let us introduce TADASU forest (TADASU no Mori) in Shimogamo Shrine.TADASU forest was registered as a world Heritage site in 1994.Around 20 minutes on foot to get there from the Yoshida CampusThe forest has been there for over 2,000 years which means...

Living in Kyoto

Autumn Leaves

Autumn leaves in Kyoto are at their peak now! The contrast between Kyoto's historical buildings and colorful autumn leaves is very beautiful and photogenic. Many temples and shrines hold night illumination events which provide totally different atmos...

Daily Life


Bicycles are essential tools for Kyoto University students. Students ride bicycles not only for commuting but also for moving inside the campus. With bicycles, you can save time for moving between distant lecture rooms and spend longer time for lunch...

Living in Kyoto

Kamogawa (Kamo River)

Kamogawa (Kamo River) has a deep connection with Kyoto University students. In spring, "hanami" (cherry-blossom viewing) parties are held at the riverbank here and there as exchange meetings with new classmates or welcome parties of the clubs and cir...