About Learning Japanese

General Information about Learning Japanese

Kyoto iUP applicants are principally not required to have any prior Japanese language ability. The program provides intensive Japanese language classes in the first six months, and further courses throughout the subsequent two years. The courses are designed to enable students to attain sufficient proficiency to attend regular undergraduate lectures and seminars conducted in Japanese from their third year.
Please be aware that social sciences and humanities require substantially higher proficiency in Japanese for the graduation than the natural sciences. So we recommend such students who have applied for the social sciences and humanities to put forth your best efforts for learning Japanese.
You will be provided with all of the support and facilities needed to attain Japanese language skills quickly and effectively in order to maximize the benefits of the program and enjoy your Japan experience.

  • A free online Japanese learning system, Samidori,
    enables you to begin Japanese studies before arriving in Japan.
  • Nihongo Study Room
    Once enrolled, in addition to Japanese classes, you can use the Nihongo Study Room, where teaching assistants provide extra support for Japanese language learning.

Further information and photos of the Japanese language class are available on the BLOG page.