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Answers to FAQs during Application Period

Make Sure to Check Before You Ask !

  • [Any requests for advance confirmation of documents are NOT ACCEPTED] Please note that we do not respond to individual consultations regarding the content of application documents, nor do we make decisions on individual cases as to whether or not a document will be accepted. All the requirements to be fulfilled in the application documents are listed in the Application Guidelines, so applicants are advised to make decisions on their own based on them.
  • [Any documents submitted after the designated due date will NOT BE ACCEPTED] We will not be able to accept any scores submitted for the English Proficiency test and Standardized test after the application period, unless otherwise specified in the Application Guidelines.
  • [Submission of standardized test results acceptable after the end of the application period] The Kyoto iUP office will inquire the relevant applicants about the results of standardized tests that are allowed to be submitted after the end of the application period at the appropriate time. However, you may also submit your scores as an attachment via the Kyoto iUP Inquiry Form.
  • [In case all the designated documents have not been submitted] Applicants who meet the Eligibility Requirements listed on page 4 of the Application Guidelines are eligible to apply to Kyoto iUP. However, please note that if any of the Application Documents specified in the Application Guidelines are incomplete or insufficient, we may not be able to accurately evaluate the applicant's academic ability during the screening process.
  • [In case of errors in sending emails to your school/evaluator] If the email you sent from the Online Application System to request the upload of your documents is not received by your school's teacher or evaluator, please try the steps below. If you have tried all of the methods and the e-mail still has not reached the recipient, please contact us through the Inquiry Form.
  1. Check their Junk Email folder just in case the email got delivered there, not to the inbox.
  2. Add "" to their personal safe sender settings so they can receive the email.
  3. Use another email address. It has been confirmed that the accounts of Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo mail work well to receive emails sent from the Online Application System.
  4. After confirming all of the steps 1-3 above, the applicant should send the request e-mail again from the Online Application System and then check if the request has been received successfully by them.
  • [In case of errors in payment of application fee] In case of an input error in Examination Settlement Service (EXSS), please check if a half-width space or a symbol is entered in one of the input items. Due to specifications of the system, half-width (single-byte) spaces and symbols (e.g., "+" for entering the country code of a telephone number) cannot be entered. So, for example, when filling out your name in one field, please enter it without any spaces, following the example below. (OK: "KyotoiUPAdmissionsOffice", NG: "Kyoto iUP Admissions Office") Also, there is a limit to the number of digits that can be entered for the phone number entry field, so please omit the country code of the phone number if necessary (set the number at the beginning of your phone number to 0). Lastly, when your credit card payment is rejected in Examination Settlement Service (EXSS), it is most likely due to restrictions imposed by the issuer of the credit card you are using. Please contact the credit card company on your own, or use a different credit card. Payment can be made with a credit card other than the one owned by the applicant.
  • [About the application fee payment certificate] The receipt for Examination Settlement Service (EXSS) must be downloaded on the spot. It is not possible to download it once the page has been closed, so please be very careful.
  • [About alteration of forms] Forms A, B, and C must not be altered, but may be edited to the extent necessary to insert a school letterhead stationery. A cover sheet with instructions and notes is not required.

If you have any inquiries about Kyoto iUP, please contact us by filling out this form.

Please note that we do not accept any inquiries by phone or e-mail.

Before making an inquiry, you are kindly requested to check our website. You will find all the information you need to know in applying to Kyoto iUP by carefully checking the website. For instance, for information on application process and application flow, please refer to the "How to Apply" section. Also, "FAQ" section would also be of great help.

The latest application guidelines will usually be released around July each year. If the application guidelines for the year you are planning to apply have not yet been published, you can refer to the most recent application guidelines available on the website.

Inquiries will be answered in order. It may take a week or more for a response. We review all inquiries we receive, so please refrain from making the same inquiry repeatedly because you do not receive an immediate response.

All data collected through the inquiry form will not be disclosed to any other person or organization that is not associated with Kyoto iUP.

This website is managed in accordance with the privacy policy of Kyoto University. The information you provide us via this form will only be used for the purpose of responding to your inquiries and improvement of the program.

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