How to Apply

Application Process

Enrollment October 2019

Application must be made through the Online Application System. The online application system will be available from November 15 until December 28, 2018. 

      1. Download the following Guidelines and Forms, and read the instructions carefully.
      2. For eligibility questions, Eligibility Screening Process prior to the application is available.

      3. Prepare the necessary documents and information

      4. Apply through the Online Application System, pay the application fee through the online application system, and send the necessary documents by registered mail (e.g. EMS, UPS, DHL, or FedEx) to the Admissions Office in time.

Application Guidelines for October 2019 enrollment


      • The application must complete through the online application system between November 15 and December 28, 2018.
      • The application Documents must reach the Admissions Office of Kyoto iUP between November 15 and December 28, 2018.
      • Inappropriate applications (not in time, incomplete etc.) will not be considered in the admission process.
      • The application documents must be prepared in English or with English translation.
      • The Applicants will receive the acknowledgement of receipt by email from the Admissions Office through Online Application System.
      • If any questions, send an enquiry through the inquiry form on the website in advance.
        NOTE: Admissions office will not answer questions which are written on the FAQ. Please also read the FAQ carefully.
        Enquiry Form