Preparatory Course

Students for Kyoto-iUP Preparatory Course will be provided with

  1. Japanese language classes and
  2. foundation subjects.

1. Japanese language classes

Students are required to take the placement test for the assessment of their Japanese level after their enrollment.

It is desirable for successful candidates to start Japanese language study using the e-learning system SAMIDORI before enrollment.

For complete beginners of the Japanese language, the elementary course is provided exclusively for iUP students.

For students who have the intermediate level or higher proficiency, we will arrange the course schedule individually.

2. Foundation subjects

Foundation Subjects will be assigned depending on the students' major.
These subjects will be conducted in English only.
For students in Science, we will provide subjects such as Mathematics, Phisics, Chemistry, Biology etc.
For students in Liberal arts, we will provide subjects such as Politics , Economy etc.

3. Minimum Requirement of Classes

Elementary Japanese (subject to change)

The elementary level students, regardless of their major, must take all the classes listed below; Japanese(integrated), (Kanji) and (Composition). In the integrated course, the skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening will be totally promoted.

Compulsory/Arbitrary Class Subject Number of Classes per Week
Category Course Title
Compulsory Japanese Overall Comprehension Elementary Japanese (integrated) 8 10
Skills Elementary Japanese (Composition) 1
Elementary Japanese (Kanji) 1
Compulsory Foundation Subjects (assigned) 8

4. Timetable (example)

  • The table below shows an example for the elementary level students (subject to change).
  • The foundation subjects will be offered in the periods marked with "○" .


※Elementary Japanese
※Elementary Japanese
※Elementary Japanese
※Elementary Japanese
※Elementary Japanese
※Elementary Japanese
※Elementary Japanese
※Elementary Japanese
※Elementary Japanese
※Elementary Japanese