2020 Preparatory Course started in a hybrid format

From October 1, Kyoto iUP's 2020 preparatory course started in a hybrid format, combining face-to-face and online learning. While most students are still taking classes online, a few students who are already in Japan are studying at the classroom in Yoshida South Campus where sufficient preventive measures against the COVID-19 are implemented.

During the six-month preparatory course, Kyoto iUP students attend Japanese language classes and some pre-foundation classes in certain subjects of natural sciences and social sciences. The foundation subjects are taught in English. The curriculum differs from student to student considering their prospective faculty and the results of the placement test. The Japanese language, mathematics and physics classes are divided into 2-5 levels depending on each student's proficiency level.

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The class period of the preparatory course is 90 minutes and Kyoto iUP students take 14-19 classes a week. It must be tough until they get used to such busy schedule, but all students are working hard with the full support of well-experienced faculty and tutors.

The application period for October 2021 enrollment is from November 2 to December 7, 2020.
The Application Guidelines are available for download on the Kyoto iUP website.
We are looking forward to your application!