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News Posted: November 25, 2020

Important notice about application deadline of Kyoto iUP and holiday office closure

We would like to inform you about the application deadline and holiday office closure as follows:

★ Online Application System will be closed at 5 p.m. (JST) on December 7 (The deadline of Application Fee is December 6).
HOWEVER, we strongly recommend you to complete the application in November to avoid any inconvenience for you caused by access concentration in December. Also we might not be able to answer your inquiries or solve your problems in time around the application deadline because of so many questions from other applicants.

★ Please do not forget to press the "Complete" button, which will appear when you complete "Application" and "Document Upload" sections. If you press "Complete" at the end of the final session, in principle, you cannot change any data later. Please make sure that all information is correct and all necessary documents have been uploaded (including the documents which must be uploaded by your school) before pressing the "Complete" button.

★ We cannot accept any more applications once the Online Application System is closed even if you fail to complete your application due to any problems caused by the access concentration.

★ Kyoto iUP Admissions Office will be closed on Saturdays and Sundays. Please note that we are unable to answer your inquiries on December 5 and 6 also.

Kyoto iUP offers various financial aids such as full-tuition exemption and scholarship. It will be surely beneficial for you, and greatly enrich your academic experience. We are waiting for you to complete your application!

P.S. :【Regarding English Proficiency Test Results】

We have received many inquiries on English proficiency test results for application. We are requesting all applicants to submit Form C or an English proficiency test result to us during the application period. The tests on page 10 of Guidelines and three more tests on our website are acceptable now: