Extracurricular Activities

Kyoto iUP Student Ms. Chung Mung Tim wins 1st Place, in Summer 2023 Japanese Language Speech Contest - Semi-annual Contest Sponsored by FAST RETAILING CO., LTD. -

Kyoto iUP students Ms. Chung Mung Tim (4th year, Faculty of Engineering), Ms. Liu Lijia (1st year, Faculty of Engineering) participated in the Summer 2023 Japanese Language Speech Contest, and Ms. Chung Mung Tim won 1st place. The three-day semi-annual event is sponsored by leading Japanese retail holding company FAST RETAILING CO., LTD., parent of eight apparel brands including UNIQLO.

Participants at the recent competition attended lectures about the history and management philosophy of FAST RETAILING on the first and second days. After shopping at a UNIQLO store with a lecture on store operations, participants gave speeches on a theme set by FAST RETAILING, which this time was "My Recommendation for FAST RETAILING" on the third day. A total of 11 international students studying in Japan participated in the contest and gave unique speeches in fluent Japanese.

All Kyoto iUP students prepared their speeches based on individual perspectives and rehearsed them several times ahead of the contest. 

The speech contest was a valuable opportunity to interact with international students from other universities studying Japanese, and we hope that Kyoto iUP students will actively participate in future FAST RETAILING speech contests.

Winner's Impression

Ms. Chung Mung Tim
Drawing from my own shopping experiences, I presented two ideas for the apps under the FAST RETAILING umbrella. The first centered on enhancing in-app searches through the integration of natural language processing, inspired by recent advancements such as ChatGPT-4. I highlighted the limitations of the current keyword-based searches and suggested incorporating natural conversation for a more personalized experience. The second idea aimed to create a seamless online-to-offline (O2O) transition with a "Store Guide" feature, which would use floor maps to help users locate items they had previously viewed on the app. I had a wonderful experience and am grateful for the opportunity to interact with students from other universities.