Extracurricular Activities

Kyoto iUP Student Mr. Aung Khant Nyar Kyaw wins 2nd Place and Mr. Khant Si Thu Wins 3rd Place, in Winter 2023 Japanese Language Speech Contest - Semi-annual Contest Sponsored by FAST RETAILING CO., LTD. -

Kyoto iUP students Mr. Khant Si Thu (2nd year, Faculty of Education), Ms. Chang Yu Qing, Mr. Aung Khant Nyar Kyaw (Both 1st year, Faculty of Economics), and Mr. Sueyoshi Zacharyah Sequoia (3rd year, Faculty of Engineering) participated in the Winter 2023 Japanese Language Speech Contest, and Mr. Aung Khant Nyar Kyaw won 2nd place and Mr. Khant Si Thu won 3rd place. The three-day semi-annual event is sponsored by leading Japanese retail holding company FAST RETAILING CO., LTD., parent of eight apparel brands including UNIQLO.

Participants at the recent competition attended lectures about the history and management philosophy of FAST RETAILING on the first and second days. After shopping at a UNIQLO store with a lecture on store operations, participants gave speeches on a theme set by FAST RETAILING, which was "My Recommendation for FAST RETAILING" on the third day. A total of 10 international students studying in Japan participated in the contest and gave unique speeches in fluent Japanese.

All four Kyoto iUP students prepared their speeches based on individual perspectives and rehearsed them several times ahead of the contest. 

The speech contest was a valuable opportunity to interact with international students from other universities studying Japanese, and we hope that Kyoto iUP students will actively participate in future FAST RETAILING speech contests.

Winner's Impressions

Mr. Khant Si Thu
I spoke from an evolutionary psychology perspective, how that influences our choice of clothing, and what the future of FAST RETAILING could be like. Overall, I'm glad that I participated in this event and hopefully, next time our juniors will do even better.

Mr. Aung Khant Nyar Kyaw
Body positivity is becoming a trend in recent years in the fashion industry around the world and many companies are using models with different body types that do not conform to the traditional beauty standards. So, my proposal was for FAST RETAILING to get ahead of the trend and initiate size-inclusive fashion. All in all, I am very glad to have participated in this contest and learnt much about FAST RETAILING.