Extracurricular Activities

Kyoto iUP students participated in a laboratory experience internship at Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Science (iCeMS), Kyoto University

From 4 to 29 September 2023, four Kyoto iUP students participated in a laboratory experience internship at Kyoto University's Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Science, called iCeMS.

The Kyoto iUP office seeks to create research internship opportunities for Kyoto iUP students to experience research actually conducted in Kyoto University laboratories. As part of these efforts, an internship opportunity for Kyoto iUP students was realized at iCeMS for the first time this summer.

The four participants applied for their preferred groups of Principal Investigator (PI) and each had the valuable experience of being exposed to cutting-edge research in the laboratory of their interest

internship_icems_1.JPGKyoto iUP student at work in the Taniguchi Lab

internship_icems_2.JPGKyoto iUP student at work in the Kengaku Lab

On the last day of the internship, since the end of the internship coincided with the iCeMS retreat, Kyoto iUP interns were invited to take part in the retreat poster sessions. 
The poster sessions were a great opportunity for students to improve their presentation skills, as they had to summarize the research they were involved in and present it effectively. They also gained valuable feedback from their peers at iCeMS, which will be useful for their future research activities.

Their experience during this internship will give them confidence and help them in their future research and career choices.