Laboratories visit (the 3rd) - Visiting the Laboratories of Engineering at Katsura campus

Seven iUP students belonging to the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Agriculture visited laboratories in the Katsura Campus during the summer vacation period. This was the third visit to the laboratories, following the one in February.

Katsura campus is the Kyoto University's third campus opened in 2003, and It is a place where technology and nature blend and interact in sophisticated ways, and where research in engineering and informatics is pursued based on a new paradigm for the 21st century. This time, iUP students visited two laboratories, the Mechanical Clean room, Machine Shop and the Katsura Monozukuri Kobo.

Firstly, they visited the Tachikawa Laboratory in the field of Hydrology and Water resources Research. Next, they visited the Mechanical Clean room, and Katsura Monozukuri Kobo. Then they visited the simulation lab and the Kageyama Laboratory in the department of Energy and Hydrocarbon Chemistry. iUP students listened intently to the explanation and asked many questions at every place they visited.

2. Tachikawa Laboratory .jpgTachikawa Laboratory in the field of Hydrology and Water resources Research

3.Mechanical Clean Room.jpgMechanical Clean Room

4. simulation lab.jpgSimulation Lab

4. Chemistry .jpgKageyama Laboratory in the department of Energy and Hydrocarbon Chemistry

At the Katsura Library, a staff member explained the outline of the Katsura Library and its facilities. One of their facilities, the Media creation room is a place to support the creation of content for research and learning, has a studio and is equipped with facilities for shooting and editing video and creating graphics. The iUP students enjoyed the experience of the interesting studio.

5. library.jpgMedia Creation Room

Lastly, iUP students visited the Funai Tetsuro Auditorium. The Funai Tetsuro has an exhibition corner for the Nobel Prize winners of Kyoto University, and there are papers and lab notebooks at the time when each prize winner was awarded the Nobel Prize. The iUP students read those exhibits with great interest.

6. funai.jpgFunai Tetsuro Auditorium

The laboratory visit at the Katsura Campus must have been a wonderful experience for the iUP students, as they were able to see the experimental facilities and hear from professors who are at the forefront of research.