Extracurricular Activities

Kyoto iUP student wins 1st place in 2021 Physics Brawl Online!

The team of Kyoto iUP student Mr. Nguyen Xuan Ung (1st year student of the Faculty of Science) won the 1st place in the Open Category of Physics Brawl Online 2021 which was held on November 24, 2021. Physics Brawl Online is run by FYKOS, which is made up of students from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic. Students from all over the world who like physics gather to compete to solve as many physics problems as possible during the 3-hour time limit. It is a very big tournament with about 700 teams participating in all categories.

Mr. Ung participated in the tournament in 2020 as well, and ranked first in the Open category with no restrictions on the age of participation. In 2021, he formed a team called Metaphysical Brawlers with his Vietnamese friends and participated in the Open category with the aim of winning first place in two consecutive tournaments. Due to the online implementation, Mr. Ung participated from Kyoto and his friends from the United States and Hong Kong, respectively, but they won the first place brilliantly. As a result of preparing well during his busy study, he achieved this excellent result.

Mr. Ung, who has a dream of becoming a physicist in the future, was fascinated by the Kyoto University's production of Nobel laureates and its active international exchange in the field of research, and entered the Department of Physics and Astrophysics, Faculty of Science. We hope that Mr. Ung, with the victory in such a traditional tournament like Physics Brawl Online, will not only solve the problems, but will also explore the deeper world of physics and lead to his own unique research activities in the future!