Office Hour for the Kyoto iUP preparatory course students

Office hour is held every Thursday in the 5th period for Kyoto iUP preparatory course students. During the office hour, students can consult with tutors about questions and concerns regarding college life and studies. Every time, there are activities planned by tutors, such as cultural activities and introduction of useful information for university life. Since tutors are students of various faculties and graduate schools of Kyoto University, preparatory course students can interact with current students of the university even before entering the undergraduate course, and through that exchange, they can imagine their college life.

This year's tutors have introduced about campus facilities such as libraries and cafeterias, restaurants around the campus, convenience stores, drug stores, and university clubs. They have even taught about abbreviations for Kyoto university terms.

During the office hour, students can enjoy unpretentious conversations. Tutors will point out any improvements in Japanese so that office hours can also be practice time for Japanese conversation.

Tutors use Japanese and English properly, considering that students have different level of Japanese. Also, when working in small groups, tutors form groups so that iUP students with similar Japanese levels are grouped together.

IMG_7978 トリミング.jpgSome tutors and iUP students attending Office Hour online from college classroom

Office hour is also a good time to exchange information for preparatory course students who are in various situations, such as students who have not yet arrived in Japan, who have already arrived in Japan, and who are in quarantine in Japan.