Summer Session 2021

Kyoto iUP offered the "Summer Session" online from the end of August to September 2021. The Summer Session had three main activities: (1) Japanese Language Classes, (2) Conversation Classes, and (3) Cultural Experience Classes. In the (3) Cultural Experience Classes, the students worked on four activities; Manzai, Traditional style of Comedy, Flower Arrangement, Haiku, and Japanese Calligraphy.

In the Manzai class, students learned about the style of Manzai, then tried to make their own Manzai based on their experiences. In the Flower Arrangement class, the students arranged autumn flowers. At the same time, they kept in mind margins and pauses after learning about the history of flower arranging. In the Haiku class, students learned about the Mora, one of the features of the Japanese language. Also, they learned that haiku is a "Poem of Surprise" that you write what you have noticed and thought. Then they wrote a haiku on the theme of "Things that made me laugh in Japan" "Recent things that made me laugh". The students showed their creativity in writing the haiku and gave choosing the best one a try. In the Japanese Calligraphy class, the students selected their favorite words, thought about the order of the letters and wrote them on a fan. Please see the photos for more information about the class.

As for the Japanese Calligraphy, the works of each student were summarized in a video by Associate Prof. Kitayama of Nara University of Education.See the video from the LINK below.


スクリーンショット (22) トリミング 名前消し.png

We would like to express our gratitude to students from the laboratory of Associate Prof. Kitayama for their help with the calligraphy.
And we would like to thank the teachers for their cooperation in this cultural experience as follows;

- Manzai: Manzai Duo Franponais (Yoshimoto Kogyo)
- Flower Arrangement: Ikenobo Society of Floral Art
- Haiku: Ayaka SATO -sensei
- Japanese Calligraphy: Satoka KITAYAMA -sensei (Associate Professor, Nara University of Education)

The next session is scheduled to be held in March 2022.

Kyoto iUPでは、2021年8月末から9月にかけて、夏期講習をオンラインで実施しました。夏期講習では、大きく分けて、次の3つの活動、(1)日本語(2)会話(3)文化体験を行い、このうち、(3)の文化体験では、今回、漫才、華道、俳句、仮名書道、この4つに取り組みました。





- 漫才:漫才コンビ フランポネ 様(吉本興業)
- 華道:一般財団法人池坊華道会 様
- 俳句:佐藤文香先生
- 仮名書道:北山聡佳先生(奈良教育大学准教授)