Extracurricular Activities

Kyoto iUP student, Ms. Chou Yu-Chen, received the Outstanding Delegation Award at the 2021 National Model United Nations New York Conference!

The 38th Japanese Delegation to National Model United Nations New York (NMUN NY), in which Kyoto iUP student Ms. Chou Yu-Chen (Faculty of Law, 2nd year) participates as a delegation member, received the Outstanding Delegation Award at the 2021 NMUN NY Conference which was held for four days from March 29, 2021 (Japan time).

Furthermore, the Outstanding Position Paper Award was given to the Ms. Chou's Position Paper which she submitted prior to the conference. The Position Paper described the policies and stances of the country (Sweden) that the Japanese delegation was in charge of, and the award was given in recognition of the high quality of the problem analysis and policy making.

(Position Paper)Japan Model UN PP_Page_3(枠つき).jpg

The NMUN Conference is held every year in New York, and in 2021, about 2,500 university students and faculty members from all over the world participated the conference. Ms. Chou was the only international student in the Japanese delegation, and all the preparations with other members were done in Japanese. In addition, due to the influence of COVID-19, almost all activities for 5 months, from preparations to the actual conference, were conducted online. She overcame many hardships and won such great awards.

All Kyoto iUP faculty and staff members are very proud of Ms. Chou, who received such prestigious awards as a result of working hard with other delegates. Ms. Chou will continue to be involved in the activities of the Japanese Delegation to NMUN NY as an administrative member.

P5270026(トリミング).jpgMs. Chou (center) reporting to Executive Vice President, Prof. Takao Hirajima (right) about the award with the Director of the Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences (ILAS), Prof. Hisashi Miyagawa (left)