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Message for future iUP students No.4

Why Kyoto iUP
In my opinion, the biggest attraction from Kyoto iUP program is the opportunity to study in Kyoto University which is the second-best university in Japan (2020 Times Higher Education Japan Universities Ranking) with full scholarship.
On top of that, ability to use Japanese is not required when applying for the program. We also got the chance to live in one of the most famous cities in Japan, Kyoto. Through this program, we have a chance to interact with people from many countries, learn new language and new things.


Japanese language
At first glance, Japanese is quite a complicated language to learn because it uses a different character than the one usually used in Indonesia. Because of this, iUP students are to take Japanese classes in Indonesia before going to Japan so that when they arrive in Japan, they are equipped with basic Japanese skills. Indonesia students have an advantage in learning Japanese because the pronunciations in Japanese is somewhat similar to the pronunciations in Indonesian which makes it easier for them to converse in Japanese.
For me personally, the fastest way to learn a language is to use it. Therefore, I decided to join a Kyudo club or Japanese traditional archery. By joining a club, I am able to use Japanese as much as I can and gain friends.


Life in Kyoto
Kyoto is a city full of historical places which are preserved, creating an atmosphere that is different to metropolitan cities such as Tokyo or Osaka. This makes Kyoto an ideal city for students to learn.
Also, Kyoto has a mosque which is located near Kyoto University enabling muslim students to conduct their prayers (especially the Friday prayers). Halal food is also quite easy to find in Kyoto because there are many foreign students studying in Kyoto. In fact, there are places with halal foods that can be visited around Kyoto University.
If you miss Indonesian culinary dishes, we can find information in the Kyoto-Shiga Indonesian Student Association or PPI Kyoto-Shiga (Indonesian acronym). We can also interact with other Indonesian students living in Kyoto and receive information regarding life in Kyoto.


〈written by Kyoto iUP student in the Undergraduate School of Industrial Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering〉