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Message for future iUP students No.2

Why Kyoto iUP
I chose Kyoto iUP because of its various attractive points. The biggest point of attraction for me would be Kyoto iUP's scholarship. Having a tuition fee exemption as well as receiving a monthly stipend of 120,000 yen is definitely an opportunity that would be hard to deny. In addition to this alluring scholarship is the opportunity to learn Japanese as well as Computer Science, the major I am interested in. It is because of these various opportunities that I have chosen Kyoto iUP.

Japanese language
Learning Japanese is not easy. There are three writing systems: Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji, with the latter being especially hard to understand and master. The biggest advantage Burmese people have when learning Japanese is how close together the Burmese grammatical pattern is to that of Japan. Sentence structure is very similar and because translation is word to word and straightforward, it is quite advantageous for us in that aspect. Even though there might be these kinds of advantages, there are countless times where I couldn't understand Japanese easily. I would like to thank my teachers who have taught me patiently during those times and my Japanese studies have become easier because of them.

Life in Kyoto
Kyoto is Japan's ancient capital and also a very peaceful city. Kyoto University is also one of the most renowned universities in Japan so being in Kyoto is a very distinct feeling. It is a very peaceful city where you can live very happily. Near Kyoto lies several cities, namely Osaka, Kobe and Nara, where you can even go on day trips. In Kyoto, in the university dorm nearby the school, I have been spending time happily with my friends going to school, studying, cooking, eating, exercising, and even biking by the river.

〈written by Kyoto iUP student in the Undergraduate School of Informatics and Mathematical Science, Faculty of Engineering〉