University Facilities

The Kyoto University Museum

The Kyoto University Museum is one of the largest university museums in Japan. Its collection currently consists of 2.6 million specimens, including national treasures and important cultural properties.
Kyoto University students are offered free admission by showing their student ID cards.

The permanent exhibition is divided into three areas: cultural history, natural history and technological history. The cultural history collection includes historical manuscripts, old maps and archaeological materials. The natural history area exhibits zoological collections, plant and insect specimens, fossils and minerals. Visitors can experience the intelligence test for chimpanzees at the "Primatology in Kyoto University" section. In the technological history area, you can see and touch the machine mechanism models which were used as educational materials at Kyoto University about 120 years ago.

In addition to the permanent and temporary exhibitions, the Kyoto University Museum offers a variety of outreach programs. On weekends, graduate students hold events for children and professors give lectures which are open to the public including junior and senior high school students.