Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize Award Ceremony 2019 is coming soon. Dr. Akira Yoshino, a graduate of Kyoto University's Faculty of Engineering, will receive this year's chemistry prize.
Since Dr. Hideki Yukawa received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1949 as the first Japanese laureate, Kyoto University has produced more Nobel laureates than any other university in Asia. Including Dr.Yoshino, 11 graduates or faculty of Kyoto University have been awarded Nobel Prizes: 5 in Physics, 3 in Chemistry, and 3 in Physiology or Medicine.

The profile and achievement of these Nobel laureates are on exhibit in the university campus, such as Funai Tetsuro Auditorium in Katsura Campus and Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics in Yoshida Campus. These exhibitions include photos of Nobel diplomas and copies of the laureates' research papers and notebooks.

Prof. Tasuku Honjo and Prof. Shinya Yamanaka, both of whom are laureates of Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, are currently conducting research at Kyoto University. Prof. Yamanaka gives a lecture on iPS cells to liberal arts course students every year. It is a valuable opportunity for undergraduate students to attend the Nobel laureate's lecture and ask questions directly to the prominent scientist.