University Facilities

Student Lounge KI-ZU-NA

Student Lounge KI-ZU-NA (KIZUNA), meaning "bonds" in Japanese, is a place for students to create bonds of friendship across borders. KIZUNA welcomes all Kyoto University members to spend time together and join or organize cross-cultural activities. Full time office staff and graduate student tutors are always available to help visitors.


KIZUNA is a good place to study foreign language for both Japanese and international students. There is an extensive collection of language learning materials and it provides language exchange opportunities through the bulletin board set in the Reading Room. For example, Japanese students planning to study abroad in English-speaking countries may use this bulletin board to find international students who are interested in teaching English and learning Japanese.


KIZUNA also organizes monthly events which are good opportunities for international students to experience Japanese culture and make friends from other countries. Past events include tea ceremony, origami (Japanese art of paper folding), traditional dance, shamisen (three-stringed musical instrument) practice, and calligraphy.